Susan Sedro

Singapore American School
Intermediate School Technology Coordinator/Tech Teacher
Twitter: ssedro

Interview with Susan Sedro by Anthony Bernardo:

Collaborative Tools to Support Digital Citizenship
Summary paragraph:
Expand students’ understanding of digital citizenship expectations though using ePals email and Google Apps.
· By end of year grade 3 students have shown sufficient appropriate use of email that all of the filters are removed from their account and they are ready to move on to an unmonitored Google Apps account.
· By end of year Crystal’s grade 5 class will be demonstrating digital citizenship skills and tech skills to productively and appropriately use Google Apps.

Action Plan
Launch ePals
• Figure out how to create the accounts and set the filters
Create letter for families
- Create directions for teachers
- Plan the lessons to introduce ePals
- Build on earlier Internet safety lessons
- Meet with grade 3 teachers to plan where and when it can used in their curriculum.
- Plan work flow for monitoring student accounts in a timely but manageable manner.

Launch Google Apps Pilot with Crystal's students
Create parent letter/permissions slip
- Revise parent letter based on Crystal's feedback
- Gather parent permission
- Keep admin informed so they can be supportive
- Brainstorm Google Apps digital citizenship challenges and how we will address them
- brainstorm how it will be used in the classroom curriculum
- set up student accounts
- plan google apps launch lessons
- create a "what it will look like if you are doing it right" page

Support network:
Who are they:
Building a support network
Please may I bet part of this?
Next action
Finding a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Your areas of interest

The Resistance:
- Parents are afraid of cyberstalkers

- Admin not wanting to take on that battle at this time

- Teachers fearing the time it will take away from everything else they need to so
  • Challenge will be that we are doing this in grade 3 but grade 4 and 5 teachers will receive the biggest benefit
  • Grade 3 teachers who want Internet pen pals for their students will see the most value in it
  • Look for places in grade 3 curriculum that it can improve their lives
    • Use curriculum online to create an email integration document much like what Josh did for tech integration in grade 5