Suggested Action Plan

Summary paragraph:
Students currently produce paper based portfolios and have little connection to NETS.S standards. I aim to
make them interpreters and participants in the process of meeting the standards in my classes by having them
use a web space to post work and reflect on how it meets or exceeds the standards. Lofty goal - good thing
I have my own classes to work with and nowhere to go but up. If this works well it should stay with the students
even after they leave the school. If it is successful this year perhaps invite others to join in in the following years.

Address NETS.S standards through digital portfolios

Students will have portfolios of work with reflections by semester end

Action Plan
Expose students to NETS.S standards
Have students open wikispaces account
Have students interpret standards and post work following each project
Encourage/guide students in moving further right on Matrix

Support network:
Who are they:
Helen Douglas + SAS Tech Coaches + Susan Sedro

Marketing your ideas and plan:
Who is your audience?
• The World (buuhahahaha - evil laugh)
How will you become remarkable and standout?
• Tag, publicize, school newspaper, school web site