Introducing Kent

Kent Peterson
Grade 4 teacher
Singapore American School

Here is my tech integration blueprint/plan:

Kent Peterson's goal: Rearrange the room for constructivist use of technology.

comments, needs
3 desktop machines
Audacity, mics, and headphones for quiet recording
Movie Maker
1 ZI8 video camera with remote mic in
needs a mount, tripod and a wireless mic or wired one with enough cable for good sound.
Canon HV20 video camera with audio in (HD DV camcorder)
Better lens, video quality?
LCD projector
need more inputs, ex. hdmi, audio switching for other inputs.
1 laptop machine
Movie Maker
laptop cam
old Sony digital camera for stills and video

Macbook Pro
video and serial switches
allows controlling whiteboard from a second machine
tripods both tall and table size.

handheld mp3 recorders.

wireless mic and amp for classroom use.
can they run into some of the other devices to record?
Blue Snowball USB microphone
drivers needed for Windows machines? install on all 4 machines.

To add, green screen recording area for Boinx TV
Storage and cord management
any need for longer Ethernet or vga cables? eg. moving teacher desk to free up the corner for lab purposes.
any need for sound proof dividers or thicker curtains to dampen sound?
need for a central scheduling booking whiteboard to coordinate which areas are available for what. example 2 video stations should be separate from each other.
it would be good to have some sort of stop motion setup.
music midi and keyboards for talented musicians
flexible seating for recording like reader's theater or newscasts
extra lighting for video studio?
Classroom Bluetooth barcode software for class library database
Other projects:
In new RLA units, identify products that integrate technology
Shelfari for book recommendations
Blackboard for reading logs
math facts mp3 recording for addition, subtraction, multiplication