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Technology Action Plan

Summary paragraph: Global Book Club using Shelfari to increase students' abilities of collaboration, communication and reading comprehension.

Goal: To have grades 4 & 5 classes collaborate with other classes around the world to increase student learning and communication skills.

Indicators: Students are interacting weekly with other students within our global project (using Shelfari) and improving on their dialoguing/communicating skills. They will also be expanding their reading comprehension and learning about new books and genres.

Action Plan
Baby Step 1: Set up Shelfari Group (Check in with George to see if he is on board)
• Next action: Create students accts through Gmail
Baby Step 2: Parent Permission Slips

Support network:
Who are they: Cathryn Marsala, George Haynes, Laura Arleth, Kathy Cullen

Finding a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Your areas of interest
· EdTech
· Elementary School
· Simplification

Marketing your ideas and plan:
Who is your audience?
• Other Grade 4-5 students
• Teachers
• Book lovers
How will you become remarkable and standout?
• Blog about the projects
• Post pictures and videos
• Have students create video about the process and what was learned

Action plan:
1. Idea 1 Contact George and Cathryn and iron out details
Next action: Meet with SAS teachers involved in project
2. Idea 2: Rubric
Next action: Timeline
3. Idea 3: Blog post with photos, project description and video

The resistance:
Who are they?
Parents need to be notified and sign a permission slip

What is their area(s) of concern?
A handful of parents will be concerned about privacy issues and students interacting with

Is it a lizard brain issue (fear)
See above

Action plan:
Idea 1: Teachers email parents about project focusing on the positive
Next action: Teachers acquire permission slips.
Idea 2: Damage control
Next action: meet with wary parents
Next action: If any student is not allowed to participate in project due to fear of parents, they can do a standard book report/ video during the same timeframe.