Janice's A-Ha Moment

Suggested Action Plan

  • Initiate, model, and use Wikis with my students for collaboration
  • Support my team in their efforts to do the same
  • Become more aware of the issues of Wikis and digital citizenships

  • I will create a 3C wiki with an initial focus
  • Students will know where to find our wiki and how to add text and photos to it
  • Students have a better understanding of what makes HK unique
  • Students have a better understanding of the concept of Community

Action Plan
  • Baby Step 1
    • Set up the wiki and class login information
    • Set up permissions
    • Get team wikis set up as well
    • Discuss intent and concept

  • Baby Step 2
    • Demonstrate wiki to students
    • Discuss issues (tech and content related) as they arise

Support network:

Marketing your ideas and plan:
  • Who is your audience?
    • Parents
    • Colleagues
  • How will you become remarkable and standout?
    • Become emerging aware of digital citizenship (safety, accountability, positive, encouraging members of our community, how do I contribute to my community)

The resistance:
  • Who are they?
    • Colleagues

  • What is their area(s) of concern?
    • How is this better than what I currently do?
    • How does this work?
    • How do we manage this time wise
    • Lack of control?

  • Is it a lizard brain issue (fear) Yes

  • Action plan:
    • Idea 1
      • Set up help
      • Yes, you can!
      • Hand holding
      • Acknowledge any accomplishment, large or small, differentiated!