Suggested Action Plan (fill it out as you see fit)

Summary paragraph:

1. To develop student use of a wiki page to collect useful resources which others can access.
2. To ensure that students in my class are involved in a discussion forum on my class blog at least once a week.
3. To front load ideas and protocols for individual student ePortfolios
4. To extend my personal IT toolbox to enable me to extend the toolbox of students in my class to enable them to make effective choices on how they could do a task, in a way which meets their learning style and interest.


Action Plan
Goals 1 and 2
Discuss the difference between wikis and blogs and clarify the purpose of each.
§ Contributors can add websites, notes and ideas
§ You can change and modify what others have done
§ A wiki is an evelving resource
§ You can link a blog to a wiki
§ It can be an online journal or discussion forum.
§ You can add to a blog but you can’t change what other people have written except as a teacher before publishing
§ You can link to wiki
§ You can edit before you post. You can type in word, spellcheck etc then copy and paste etc
To extend my own personal skill level with blogs – how to add videos etc how to set up timings of blogs being published etc
To actively engage my students and post each week.
To ultimately get students to initiate a weekly question/photo/video clip/provocation for the class

Develop class and Year 5 Wiki page
Update current info, Central Ideas et con our Wiki
Students to be able to access and add to the Wiki as they find useful websites and other resources

Goal 3
· Discuss with Will, Jago, Chris ideas for protocols and organization of ePortfolios
· Outline protocols and what needs to be taught
· Deliver to students, discuss and do it!
· Ensure students upload their pieces onto their portfolio
· Encourage students to access and share their ePortfolio

Goal 4
· Check out C4LPT website of IT tools
· Ask Jago and Will to set up a table of tools and purpose type wiki with instructions etc and encourage other staff members to add to it.
· Try out
· Ask for PD time

Support network:
Who are they:
Will and Jago in IT at NIST, the Y5 team,
Peter Dratz (
Janice Dwyer(
Madeleine (
Building a support network
Next action
Next action

Finding a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Marketing your ideas and plan:
Who is your audience?

Additional Action plan:
To look at additional PD through identified opportunities budget in school.

The resistance:
I don’t really feel that I will meet resistance, this will be in line with the school.
I believe my team would buy into this and we could move forward together.

Is it a lizard brain issue– only for me! It is also a time issue and I need to push myself to make the time.