Imagine that you were going to start a new school in a new building!

This is actually my task and I'm filled with excitement and anxiety. What would the technology components and experiences be that most enhance student learning and support teachers?

Summary: In August 2011 a new school, Concordia International School Hanoi, a sister school to CISS and HKIS will open in new space with a projected 200 students grades pre-K to 6 or 7. This is an opportunity to take all we've learned about technology in education and build a fresh digital environment that embodies what we know is best for learning and also is based on a minimal technology infrastructure. We hope to use the web as much as possible. From your experience as educators, what would be important components of this digital landscape.

Have an initial technology implementation plan in place by February 2011. Have the hosted solution company selected at that time. Create a series of phrases for implementation considering enrollment and teacher.

Specific Areas of Change:

I. Tech infrastructure
wireless, online servers,
file backup systems for teachers and students
Security and virus protection

II. Faculty Preparation
All staff have a common machine available on arrival, 9 hours of professional development,
articulate a common vision, common expectations prepared
Select staff mentors for all grade levels

III. Classroom/Student technology
1:1 beginning in 5/6 grade with a complete curriculum starting at early years
Consider a common Mac format if feasible
Uniformity in software and hardware
Thoughtful roll out plans for all teacher/student computer
Shared computers for younger years - consider iPads for young students.
Prepare with student input an acceptible Use policy
Every class has a camera, projector, Smartboard?, Document camera

Support Network:
Who are they?
1. Fellow teachers, students
2. Hanoi Head of School
3. Lutheran Educators Association
4. HKIS,CISS IT departments

Marketing your ideas and plans:
Talking with CISS, HKIS - Tech people, Admin and curriculum directors
Visit other international school in Hanoi
Prepare initial plans and budgets to Head of School

Where are the blocks along the way?
Finding a temporary building for the school - done by Oct 2010
Tech limitations Blockage in Vietnam
Lack of hosting availability in Hanoi
Support for Apple in Hanoi

What it means to have computers (e.g.:1 to 1) and kids:

Student discussion-

Question posed- from the discussion it seems that the students don’t see Technology as a specific requirement to the development or the success of their learning. With that in mind is there a point to having a 1 to 1 computer/laptop system in place when students and teachers have to manage this new distraction, which can at times detract from the learning and teaching time.

The laptops do pose a new behaviour management issue for teachers who are finding that they have to stop lessons or make specific rules about the time and place when students can use them.

Teachers are finding that students need to relearn how to interact with each other and the teachers. Many students find it hard to interact face to face and tend to hide and use the computer programs to discuss and ask questions. It is worrying that they are so dependent on a piece of technology to interact with others.

As teachers we need to remember that the computer is just a tool, it should not replace good teaching practice and should be used to support the learning of the students not be the focus. Especially since students find that they are able to teach themselves the skills required to use new and unfamiliar programs. We don’t need to worry so much about skills and just allow the students to explore to expresses themselves

Students need to learn how to use the technology they have not just for a social tools and word processing but for collaborative projects where they learn how to work with others, interact and draw on resources and people from around the world.

Some schools who are not 1 to 1 and may not want to be 1 to 1 have to be to try and stay competitive.

For primary they may not need 1 to 1, just a bank of computers that students can learn how to work together and collaboratively with, if they do this in primary they will be more able to adapt and continue this good practice when they get to high school- so some of the problems with the lack of interaction, using it as a boredom breaker in class or a distraction may be solved.

David Elliott taught AP computer sciences, and he couldn’t get some of the students in his class to ever do the worksheets at the back of the book. Then one day, the Basketball Coach told them that he wanted a STATS website put online for the team. On their own, these students went to the coach and spent 3 weeks working on this page on their own and gave it into the coach. This was active learning for them, it was extremely helpful for them in their learning development. In the end, they got a 5 in the subject.

Consider the following new look at an old taxonomy. Which curriculum ideas would most match these activities?