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Early on
Open ended questions
Exploring eco-systems
on the campus of SAS
Observations, measurements, questions
Kinesthetic connections with digital tools
What global ecological issues interest you?
Observations, measurements, more questions
Enquiry, choice, learning.

Summary paragraph:
I would like to introduce to my students a note taking tool that they could use in all the courses to organize their course work (notes, lab data, etc.)

Introduce to students the web based note taking tool “Evernote”.

Students are using Evernote on a daily basis for organizing their course work.

Action Plan
Baby Step 1
• Have students download the Evernote program.

Baby Step 2
Remainder of 1st quarter: Have students who are interested in using the program “self-enroll” in its use.
Make the use of Evernote a course requirement for all students at the beginning of 2nd quarter.
Baby Step 3
Include in the course survey at the end of 1st semester a set of questions regarding effectiveness of Evernote at a learning tool.

Support network:
Who are they: Paul & Susan

Finding a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Your areas of interest
• Wiki projects
Wiki notes

Marketing your ideas and plan:
Who is your audience?
• My students