Conversation with Pat from HKIS about powerful learning experience.
HKIS sent a group that she was able to be a part of to visit Apple’s headquarters in the United States. They had the opportunity to interact with many leaders and trainers at Apple during their visit as they considered going to a 1:1 program for their school. Her powerful learning experiences included the importance of understanding the philosophical underpinnings and values of technology organizations as they seek to support education and learning (a huge plus for Apple). They also had the chance to actively learn about the technology by using it and discovering its capabilities both at Apple and by having the laptops in their school for a full year before they began the initiative and had to use it. Two big wins!

Draft Action Plan for next steps is attached

Suggested Action Plan

Summary Paragraph:
We need to proactively prepare SFS, specifically the HS for one to one laptop program. Additionally, we need to pilot web 2.0 tools to do blended learning in the HS. Finally, we need to get all the SFS people who attended this conference together to debrief and chart a course forward for our school.

1) Implementing blended education format for HS Classes using Web 2.0 tools
2) How to prepare the high school for 1:1 laptop program - marketing
3) Debrief the SFS Learning 2.0 group to maximize learning from this conference.

1) A meeting is held before school resumes for debriefing
2) A summary of learning and an action plan is created
3) This document is shared with the laptop committee
4) Parents and teachers are informed about the direction the school is heading.
5) Teachers feel supported in moving towards one to one

Action Plan (outcome and by when in parenthesis)
Baby Step 1: Hold a debriefing meeting at my house for conf attendees (before Sept 27)
Next action: Capture the learning and action items (before Sept 27)
Next action: share results with laptop committee and senior admin team. (by Oct 1)
Next action: share results with Think Tank and expand membership in TT – who else should be at the table – involve students – set next meeting (by Oct 15)
Baby Step 2: Communicate to teachers and parents the vision and plan going forward with one to one (by end of Oct)
Next action: After board decision on one to one proceed with next steps
Next action: Figure what the message is that is to be sent and by whom – create a marketing plan – be intentional about our processes and facilitation protocols.
Next action: Establish methods and target dates for communication (idea: meet once a month with parents to discuss tech efforts and principals once a week) You got to engage and communicate with the parents and teachers – don’t be afraid to engage them.
Next action: Create a training program for teachers to support them with one to one (by Jan 1)
Next action: get one tech integrator – learning coach for each division to support teacher tech integration in each division full time – get in the budget (Jan, 2011)
Next action: are we ready to bring back the ed tech position at SFS to lead ed tech integration efforts – divisional tech people come under this person (Feb 2011)
Baby Step 3: Hold a meeting with IT, Rob B, Dave B and Kevin regarding Moodle admin – share the vision of blended learning in the classroom (by Oct 7)
Next action: Get admin permissions for Moodle (by Oct 14)
Next action: Set Moodle up for second semester blended pilot for English II courses (by Jan 21, 2010)
Next action: Debrief experience and make improvements and recommendations for the future steps (May, 2010)

Support network:
Who are they: Dave B, Paul G, all SFS conf attendees, Rob B, David E, Justin H,
Building a support network
Next action:
Next action:

Finding a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Your areas of interest

Marketing your ideas and plan:
Who is your audience?
Board Members

How will you become remarkable and standout?
Focusing on the development of 21st century learning skills that are focused on student learning and that are not platform dependent (ubiquitous).

Action plan:
Idea 1
Next action
Next action
Idea 2
Next action
Next action

The resistance (the blocks – beyond time and money)
Who are they? School Board, Parents, Teachers,

What is their area(s) of concern?

Is it a lizard brain issue (fear) – to some extent or lack of knowledge. We need to educate more about the need – the case

Action plan:
Idea 1
Next action
Next action
Idea 2
Next action
Next action